Mai Hu Kisan_July 2015
Mai Hu Kisan_July 2015

Mai Hu Kisan_July 2015

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The improvement in economic condition of INDIA will be depend on agriculture area. For better condition in agriculture we should adopt organic cultivation method. Because as this is the only way to improve agriculture land quality. Better land will give better production in terms of yield and nutrition.


·         Successful pardhan mantri fasal bema yojana

·         Farmer should be think for business option

·         Icici bank offers

·         HCMS Programme for women’s development

·         The decrease in number of GEER cow Indian breed

The painful condition of farmer is deep point of concerned. The poor farmer does not make full profit and land business man take their advantage. They took land in low cost and use for their profit. The need of change of traditional farming is must be understand by farmers.


·         The worst condition of farmers

·         Farmer’s condition

·         Interviews

·         Krishi mantri: prabhu lal saini

·         Dr. rajesh mann

·         Director pashupalan vibahg

·         NABARD krishi vikas yojana

·         Jaton benefits

·         Medicinal plant cultivation is cheap and easy

HCMS success