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  • October 2018
  • Price : 30.00
  • LawTeller
  • Issues 94
  • Language - English
  • Published monthly
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·         Live-in relationship now recognized by legislature

·         Restore victim to the position he enjoyed prior to mishap

·         Unregistered deed of exchange is inadmissible in evidence

·         Notified route; overlapping impermissible

  • Conflicting views, court must bow down to the opinion of experts
  • Neither wife nor her parents complained about dowry, charge quashed
  • Mere allegations of fraud levelled in plaint, not sufficient to decline to refer parties to arbitration

One of India's first Legal Awareness Magazine, Lawteller has entered the 27th successful year of its publication. The USP or the distinguishing feature of our magazine is that it encompasses only those cases decided within the territories of India, where the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India has decided a matter on a divergent viewpoint from that of the High Court's of any of the Indian states. This specialty of Lawteller has endeared it to its ever-increasing faithful subscribers from all walks of life; such as those concerned with law in any form like Judges, Advocates, Government departments, Judicial Officers, Company Secretaries, Armed forces, general public and especially the academic institutions consisting of majority of top ranking Law Colleges in India, thereby giving us a very wide diaspora of subscribers all across India.