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Mad About Money

Mad About Money

  • Intellectual property rights as security for loans
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In this edition, we talk about Intellectual Property Rights as security for loans. The idea of making a clear provision assisting creation of security rights over intangible properties is to help the availability of credit to intellectual property owners and other intellectually property rights holders, thus improving the value of the intellectual property rights as a guarantee for credit.

Mad About Money is financial education with a difference. It aims to make financial freedom a reality through interactive media and personal and group connect. It is about developing a mindset apart from the general mindset – A mindset which has made the rich rich and left the poor to remain  poor.

But if you believe that you can become richer than all the people you know, if you believe that you can own all the expensive things that you see, if you believe that you can buy multiple houses, or lots of jewellery or something else then you definitely  can.


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