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A forty five years old film weekly with national presence Mayapuri has been heart- throb of bollywood fans not only in India but across the world.

Interviews , gossips, inner most secrets of favourite stars, Film reviews, critics comments Mayapuri has 

all that needs to be a a successful film magazine for over four decades.

Not only the readers but mayapuri is also the favorite of The industry may they be producers, Super 

stars, Music composers, singers, Directors, or related to film making in another way.    

A film may not do well but Mayapuri has been a Block buster at the Box Office for forty years.

Mayapuri is the oldest and largest circulated Hindi film weekly of India, first published in 1974 by Mayapuri Group. It has been one of the most popular Hindi magazines, covering Bollywood, since its inception and is most sought after film-gossip magazine in north India.