Short stories from Neev magazine
Short stories from Neev magazine

Short stories from Neev magazine

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Light beyond the bulb - A fantasy story in which Thomas Edison visits his granddaughter and is amazed by the progress of mankind.

Ila's flight of fantasy - part 1 - The first part of Ila's story as she grapples with her feelings for Satyaswaroop.

Ila's flight of fantasy - part 2 - The second part of Ila's story as she has to deal with her mother's demands and her feelings for Satyaswaroop.

The home - The sweet story of Mohan and his best friend Chotu. When faced with a choice, will Mohan pick Chotu or a weathly lifestyle?

Equilibrium - ‘My body was changing, my mind was changing’ and the morning started on a bumpy ride, with savage thoughts, “I exist and nobody cares”, ‘Is it? Why? Why is it like that?’ Read the story of equilibrium as told from the eyes of a young child.

The story of two soldiers - Ayappa was running for his life. He needed to come first. Shyam Sunder was ahead of him. Ayappa stepped up the effort, putting his everything and began closing the gap. Read the story of the relationship between two soldiers.

The hero - The story of how bullying can be a real issue in today's world. How does Rohit deal with it?

Stories are the best way to teach children good morals. They help children learn from other's experiences. Neev has an abundance of original stories that teach children good values. Our stories impart value education which plays a very important role in promoting the holistic development of children. Recurring themes for the stories are the ones with a social message, relationships with people, behaviour towards animals and personality development.