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Outlook Hindi

Outlook Hindi

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1-   Cover Story based on how Indian Cinema is evolving and changing its course. It has become more content based rather than name based. In changing scenario Content has become the King.  Giridhar Jha, Rakhi Shandilya, Srikant Trivedi, Abhishek Shukla and Avinash Das throws the light on all this aspect.


2-   Special package on #MeToo Campaign in India and it’s up rise in various field. Arshiya Dhar and Siddhartha Mishra covers how it has rages bollywood, comedy and most damagingly, media. Giridhar Jha covering it’s other aspect, where #MeToo rages bollywood but its top actors have ‘no coments’ to offer.


3-   Editorial based on current scenario of burning issue of #MeToo and Its political implications for parties, especially for rulling BJP.

Story based on upcoming legislative election in five states including MP. Harimohan Mishra, Narayan Bareth, Ravi Bhoi, M.S. Shankar covering the issues and challenges in the concerned states. 

Read by the modern and progressive Hindi reader, Outlook Hindi is a complete current affairs and general interest fortnightly for the well informed and concerned citizens, cultured people, conscious consumers, sensitive human beings and sensible families. It tracks a wide range of issues from politics and policy, economy and society to international affairs, literature and culture, personal finance and films, travel and spiritualism, and family and relationships. Instead of routine coverage, it provides deep analysis, thorough investigation, exclusive insights and an original angle. All packed with an aesthetic design and layout. In short, Outlook Hindi is a magazine with a firm outlook and attitude that provides a whole worldview in its interesting coverage and pleasant features.

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