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Outlook Hindi

Outlook Hindi

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1-   Cover Story tries to enlight the thoughts and principles of Mahatma Gandhi which are very much relevant on his 150th Jayanti. Kumar Prashant, Rajmohan Gandhi, Irfan Habib, Arun Kumar, Giriraj Kishore, Tushar Gandhi and other writers tell his relevence in today’s India and world.

2-   Editor Harvir Singh writes in his regular column how India forgot Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings and thoughts. The country stood on tall ground since independence but the poors and other weaker people suffer a lot so we need to look a fresh toward his teachings

3-   Prashant Shrivastava presents ground report of assembly election bound Maharashtra. He tells that ruling alliance of BJP-Shivsena is trying to take advantage of nationlism to avoid questions on the government’s performance.

4-   Harish Manav reports from Haryana which is going soon for state assembly election. He tells many sections of voters are not satisfied with present BJP government’s tenaure.

5-   Gangesh Mishra reports on political tussle between BJP and Janta Dal (United) in Bihar. The long time relation between the two may come to an end due to differences came up recently.

Read by the modern and progressive Hindi reader, Outlook Hindi is a complete current affairs and general interest fortnightly for the well informed and concerned citizens, cultured people, conscious consumers, sensitive human beings and sensible families. It tracks a wide range of issues from politics and policy, economy and society to international affairs, literature and culture, personal finance and films, travel and spiritualism, and family and relationships. Instead of routine coverage, it provides deep analysis, thorough investigation, exclusive insights and an original angle. All packed with an aesthetic design and layout. In short, Outlook Hindi is a magazine with a firm outlook and attitude that provides a whole worldview in its interesting coverage and pleasant features.

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