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Anurag Thakur on the stimulus package 30 How India-China conflict can hit stock market

Is insurance sufficient in COVID times?
Health insurance is proving to be insufficient to deal
with the challenges and high cost of COVID-19

Environment funds set to rise
Investors are willing to invest in stocks with
environment and social values

 Boost For Digital Payments
Fintech will reap benefits this year as people turn to
financial platforms

 A Relief To MF Industry
RBI’s special liquidity window may help
mutual funds

Attractive property options for NRIs
It is an opportune time for real estate sector as
home prices drop

 Reframe Your Goals
Plan asset allocation as per your risk profiles by
aligning goals with objectives

 Golden option for millennials
Gold will remain in the reckoning and provide
positive returns during the pandemic

In July 1998, the Group launched "Intelligent Investor" re-christened as "OUTLOOK MONEY" as of 30-Nov-2002, India's first personal finance magazine, which offers sound strategies for the lay investor, especially the growing segment of salaried middle and upper middle-class and self-employed professionals. Its message is clear and simple: 'Invest well, borrow wisely, spend smartly'. Evidently, that message has gone down well: the magazine sold upwards of 1,00,000 copies a fortnight within a year. One of its distinguishing characteristics is that about 93 per cent of readers retain all past issues of Outlook Money