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Into The Void
We’ve reached a point where our idealism
sits in a waiting room, watching the
mischief of politics, waiting to be
released. Ashis Nandy analyses our
‘post-normal’ condition.
Mahatma and The Modernist
Irfan Habib on the differences between
two schools of thought that raised a
Gandhi and Nehru
Power Can Do Good
Entrepreneurs have agency, says N.R.
Narayana Murthy, to be virtuous and
of the society.
 The Tireless Banks of Justice
Medha Patkar, the indefatigable crusader
of the decades old Narmada Bachao
Andolan, talks to Outlook about her
unshaken belief in people’s movements
The Fate of All Structures
Dilip Simeon writes on the absence of
instinctive functions of compassion and
empathy that make the Left more like its
counter ideologies, far from any utopia
Bramhacharis vs Breadwinners
Puranas and shastras hint at a constant
tension between hermits and householders.
Does spiritual quest ideally warrant
Devdutt Pattanaik explores the
terrain—from monks to political leaders.
And Then, ‘Us’ Turned to ‘Me’
From imagining an ideal modern India
to disillusionment. Indian cinema’s
journey is tied to the journey of its
project— socialism.
Venkiteswaran writes.
The Heart Is Still Ideal
It’s perhaps the exhaustion of our
in the face of an overwhelming
world that says ‘idealism is dead’. Natasha
Badhwar narrates true stories of hope.

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