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12 Unity In Adversity

In the face of loss and hardship, people in Kerala forget communal and political differences

16 Tropic of Chouhan

An exclusive interview with Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who’s stepped up

his campaign ahead of assembly elections in the state at the end of this year

34 Schools of the Seven Seas

Like other things, education has also become a truly globalised commodity. Outlook ranks

overseas universities that Indian students can go study in.

68 Pushed Under the Knife

Hyper-aestheticisation of society and social media’s harsh visual culture landscape is


some of India’s youngsters to look for solutions in the cosmetic surgery theatre

76 Once Upon A Home

A photo essay capturing frames of loss and decay of houses that Kashmiri Pandits had to

abandon and Shabir’s story, who had to flee to Varanasi for helping his Pandit neighbours

Outlook has rewritten the way news and and general interest magazines are presented in India. It is comprehensive yet concise and crisp, investigative and bold in its approach. Outlook covers an array of topics ranging from current affairs, socio-economic issues, politics, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, international features, etc. Outlook reaches out to over 16 lakh upmarket, urban focused readers. Outlook has won a myriad of awards including the prestigious "International Press Institute" Award for Excellence in Journalism in 2007. Outlook encourages little known people who speak out loud against oppression, corrupt systems and social issues by instituting “Speak Out Awards”. Outlook also triggers young minds through an all India School debate called ‘Speak Out Debate” by reaching out to over 300 schools in 18 cities in India. Students who win the Indian round are sponsored by Outlook for international debates held in Korea, South Africa, etc

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