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  • Why Post Graduation is Vital?
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  • Saurabh Mishra
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Today education plays a big part in all the aspects of like. From primary to higher education it should be the right of every individual to get the best quality education. The education system in India has struggled for a long time. With the country set to become one of the youngest nations in the world by 2030 around 140 million people will be in the college age group. India’s education system has been at the center of vociferous debate for several years now. In this addition, we have covered the importance of Post Graduation and tried to solve the dilemma between experience and higher studies. Despite strong ambitions, the higher education system in India still lags behind the standards of the world’s best universities. The global approach with quality education should be the only aim of the country to prepare the military which is going to be the strongest army in the world. Along with at primary level, equal attention should be given to higher education as well.

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