Shaurya The Proud Indian
Shaurya The Proud Indian

Shaurya The Proud Indian

  • 1st edition 1st October 2019
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  • Language - English
  • Published fortnightly
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The Call

Try this out , for not there is a way for Us , the youth India , who have been rutting in a maze ,but were never given a chance to amaze .Now here awaits that wall to withstand the dramaturgy of our India .

     Here stands the wall that will withstand the thoughts graffiti of New India , without those shackles that held back the eons of corrupted symbolism the old represents.

        Time now has ripened to enable the dreams of those bygones who withered away as young to leave us this freedom . Now that the world stands as our diaspora ,when every ear is turned to us to hear what we speak ,and there are those eyes waiting to watch what we do next .

        Through here let us raise the cry not for war but to squash that old bygone era’s woes ,let here be that stage where we set the path right for a new India .

        Call I do now ,  to my brethren ,who feel lost to the glooms of the social , call do I to those masses that have been oppressed by the rhetoric fundamentalism , call I do to those sisters of mine who have been abused everywhere as norm. Voice out through our words as the pulse of the Nation.