Shaurya The Proud Indian Edition 2 October 15th 2019
Shaurya The Proud Indian Edition 2 October 15th 2019

Shaurya The Proud Indian Edition 2 October 15th 2019

  • October 15th 2019 Shaurya The Proud Indian Second Edition
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Editor’s Scribble


In old India, Woman was put on the pedestal high, so high that wars were fought upon a mere insult to them, this is not something, I say but facts are quoted down in our great gospels, like Mahabharatha. A small misdemeanor by one of the Kauravas resulted in a war that is still remembered to this day.

Even before that there was a time, wherein woman was put up to be the origin of the universe and so named Shakti, she was the giver of every life that was in existence, to this point there is a truth in this, a woman is the only person who can bring about another life.

Yet in this era, are we really showing her the respect she deserves?, sorry to point out the truth but the answer is “NO”. Have we ever pondered what or where things really went wrong?

Even now when, we are on a run ever to catch the future, borrowing from know not where cultures, neglect do we not what has been written down as a guidebook.

All we point out in our Vedas is what it teaches us in long lectures,  and pravachanas, yet the people who preach long sermons, yet they have forgotten themselves they are misinterpreting the age-old code that woman is the origin of everything natural and must be respected and adored, if not worshipped.

This issue we mainly bring about the call to awaken the spirit of that woman and remind that India has always been a matriarchal society, and its that time now when we do our share to protect the chastity of our culture.

          Sri Dutta

Editor In Chief