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India Today - Hindi

India Today - Hindi

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Highlights of India Today Hindi 18th August 2021, issue: 

Cover Story: Tokyo Olympics 

Betiyon Ka Damkham 

While sports Power Women made India proud, our contingent’s overall performance was disappointing. How we can win many more Olympic medals in the future.

 Upfront: Bihar 

Atmnirbharta Ki Ore 

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar raises probe demand in Pegasus case and cast census. By doing this he is signalling that collation government didn’t hamper independent political voices.  

Upfront: Madhya Pradesh 

Aur Kitna Intezar? 

Panchayat and local body elections have been lingering on since last 2 years. Even now Government hesitating to conducts these elections. What are the reasons?  

Upfront: Rajasthan 

Janjatiyon Aur Hindutva Ki Jaddojahad 

On July 21, a video went viral of a saffron flag hoisted at the Ambagarh garrison ramparts being torn while it was being taken down. The flag was planted by local Hindutva outfits and was taken down by the Rajasthan Adivasi Meena Sangh. Meenas were apparently angry at the Hindutva outfit’s attempt to appropriate a temple of Amba Mata Devi—a goddess revered by the tribal community—at the fort. 

Upfront: Uttarakhand 

Pahad Par AAp Ka Current 

Aam Aadmi Party now eying on Uttarakhand assembly elections. It is demanding Bharat Ratna for Sundar Lal Bahuguna and raising many more local issues. AAP is trying to make political space for itself.  


Gaye Rojgar Banam Naye Rojgar 

Pandemic and slowdown often disrupt job market. In prevailing job market conditions every new opportunity requires new set of skills. It means it is hard to get old jobs with old skills. New tech skills are keys to get new job. But, India is lagging far behind in skilling its workforce.  

Nation: BJP 

Party Ki Surat Badalne Ke Naye Sutra 

The party tries to shed its ‘Brahmin-Bania’ image with a younger leadership tier where women and backward classes can be pivots of future growth.

Special Report: Vaccines 

Sarvjanik Swayasthya, Niji Samasyen 

The performance of private sector vaccination centres remains underwhelming— despite improvements in supply. What can be done to scale up their numbers?

Special Report: Uttar Pradesh 

Mangen Manvane Ka Mausam 

Months before Uttar Pradesh assembly elections employees of different government departments are raising their demands and demonstrating on streets. Aspirants of government jobs are also protesting to fulfil their demands.  

Fursat: Cinema 

Naya Superstar 

With a string of releases on OTT platforms, Manoj Bajpayee is emerging as new Bollywood’s first superstar.

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