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Highlights of India Today Hindi 24th April 2024, issue: 

Cover Story: Mandate 2024: battleground South.

Kya BJP Dakshin Durg Bhed Sakegi?

Crucial to its grand ambition of 400-plus seats, THE party goes on a war footing in the five southern states. but with each stronghold posing a significant challenge, it is a task easier set than done.

Mandate 2024: Tamil Nadu

Is Morche Me Thodi Darar Mushkil

The DMK-led alliance is looking to repeat its 2019 Lok Sabha sweep in Tamil Nadu. The AIADMK and BJP fighting the election separately should aid its cause, but there could be surprises in store.

Mandate 2024: Kerala

Garh Bachane Aur Bhedne Ke Paintre

The congress holding on to one of its last bastions, the Left looking for resurrection and the BJP searching for a breach in the walls. which way will Kerala turn?

Mandate 2024: Andhra Pradesh

Yah Hai Kante Ki Takkar

YSRCP chief Jagan Reddy and his TDP counterpart Chandrababu Naidu are locked in a keen contest. the latter’s NDA alliance also stands in the way of the Andhra CM’s dreams of a second term in power in twin polls.

Mandate 2024: Karnataka

Kiski Gurantee Kaam Karegi

A resurgent Congress under CM Siddaramaiah is RELYING on its welfare guarantees to neutralise pm Narendra Modi’s charisma and the impact of his flagship schemes.

Mandate 2024: Uttar Pradesh

Cheeni Belt Me Kuchh Khatta-Khatta Sa Lage Hai

Even after forming alliance the BJP-RLD candidates facing tough challenge from rival candidates in at least 12 odd seats.


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