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Reader's Digest

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Highlights of Reader’s Digest January 2019, issue:

As we embark upon a brand new year, it seems more crucial than ever to remember that all around us, acts of goodness, courage and selfless service don’t just exist, they thrive. To remind us of this indelible truth, Reader’s Digest brings back the enormously popular ‘Extraordinary Indians’, featuring 6 heroic individuals and their tireless efforts in making the world a better place.

Draw more inspiration from our other stories—‘The Bright Side’ offering expert-backed tips on living a happier, more positive life, ‘7 Power Foods In Your Pantry’ for a health boost to your resolutions, ‘Plastic Surgery’, a go-green guide on how to live plastic-free. Of course, there are the all-time favourites—Drama in Real Life, Laughter, the Best Medicine and Word Power.

Wishing all our readers a most joyous New Year!    

Highlights of Reader’s Digest February 2016, issue: Happiness Begins with Humour Of Love and Money It’s February and while the world celebrates love (we do too), we also know it’s still the beginning of the year and we’re all still hanging on to our resolutions. It’s the best time to make a sound financial plan, rather than scrambling at the end of the year to put together investments. But since there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, our cover story lays down the basics and helps you build on these. But because money can’t buy everything, we have a heart-warming tale of what our loved ones really want from us. In our other special stories: Shafqat Amanat Ali on what he’d do if he ruled the world, an interview with Michael Caine, how to get lucky, and whether the new black money law really will work. Plus, a look into The Making of a Jihadist and why a healthy young man did what he did. There’s also something for us to sleep over: a special report on sleep, how we, in India, are not getting enough of it, and how we can get our full eight hours. Travel down Australia’s Great Ocean Road, and round it off with a story of a film-maker who has lived well beyond his years, with the support and love of his family. Yes, love does make the world go around. So don’t miss our Valentine’s Day special: To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This...