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  • The Sindhian - Apr-Jun 2024
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The weatherman has predicted a nasty scorching summer ahead for India. With heatwaves and temperatures ranging in the 40's and above, depending on the region you live in, you are advised to take precautions to avoid heatstrokes and their related effects. On the other hand, with the general elections just around the corner, the political scenerio is heating up too with parties lining up voting campaigns all over the country. It seems like it is going to be the BJP against all the others combined, in one way or another. Based on my personal assessment, I think that victory seems to be leaning towards the BJP yet again. Do remember to go out there and cast your vote and make a difference. Finally in it's print avatar, the previous issue of The Sindhian was received with great fervour by all our readers from across the world. We were able to do this only because our advertisers and readers returned to support our endeavour. With this summer issue, we bring you a cover feature on the Taldars, Ratan and Dolly, from Udaipur. This is the impressive story of a father-daughter duo who have made their mark in the hospitality sector. With one five star property in Udaipur and seven other mid-size hotels, they seem to be on a well planned trail of success. There are a plethora of other entrepreneurial Sindhis who caught our attention. Among them were Priyanka Shroff George - whose company is solving the healthcare payments problem; Sonali Dalwani - the owner of luxury Indian footwear label Crimzon; matrimonial and human rights lawyer Nishiki Bhavnani Agarwal; bilingual stand-up comic Vivek Mahbubani; mind coach Naina Mansukhani; spiritual healer and life coach Anita Rajani; cocktail curator Heena Kewalramani; and soulful spiritual singer from West Africa Nisha Shivdasani; all extremely successful in their businesses and professions. Until the next issue, I hope that you have a wonderful summer and wish you Happy Holidays. Stay cool and please don't forget to go out and vote for the betterment and growth of our nation.

The very first of its kind, this plush quarterly is dedicated to chronicling the ethos, enterprise, and aplomb of the Sindhi community. A Magazine that brings you Insights into Sindhi History, its Culture and its People. A Magazine that takes you places and showcases Sindhis from all over the world. A Magazine that informs and connects Sindhis globally. Published 4 times a year. Gift someone a legacy. Gift them a subscription of The Sindhian

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