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  • Issues 2
  • Language - English
  • Published monthly
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Inside GPS

  • A detailed look into the operations of GPS, who controls it, how it works


Door To Hell

  • Natural Gas Crater, Derwez,Turkmenistan


Interview, Dr Girish Sahni

  • VISION OF THE FUTURE : Dr Girish Sahni (DG, CSIR) elaborates his vision for CSIR



  • A glance at the ancient Chinese horticultural practice


Enjoy the monsoon

  • Dr G G Gangadharan, renowned Ayurveda physician, illustrates how to conduct oneself during the monsoon period as per Ayurveda


Hunting with tongue

  • How the chameleons hunt withtheir tongue


Tanmay Bakshi, the genius

  • A peep into the life of 12 year old Tanmay, who develops mobile-apps in his spare time


Dr Harsh Vardhan, the other side

  • Hon’ble Minister for S&T, Govt of India was a practicing ENT surgeon before entering public life 


World’s first 3D printed office

  • An inside view of world’s first 3D printed office building completed in Dubai


Man who took India to space

  • The illustrious life of Sri Vikram Sarabhai, the father of India’s space program 


Mr Watson, come here...

  • The story behind the first words successfully transmitted over the wire


Movie Review :

  • Star Trek Beyond
  • The BFG


Book Review :

  • The boy who harnessed the wind
  • Foundation
  • Brave New World
  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Science India, one of the largest selling and widely accepted national science magazine (in English), covers a wide range of science topics from ancient Indian science to latest scientific and technological advancements. The magazine is published by VIBHA (Vijnana Bharati), the largest science proliferation movement in India with the sole intent to popularize science among the youth and masses of the country.


Science India magazine has gained world-wide acceptance over the past 18 years among students, technocrats, scientists and professional. The magazine’s subscribers include prestigious academic institutions and libraries which takes its readership base to even larger audience. Special care is always taken to update the magazine according to the current trends in science and society. Wide varieties  of interesting topics are included in the magazine, other than editorial and science news, like reviews of science related movies, books, Android or IOS Apps, Gadgets and an inspirational tear away poster.



The think tank behind the publication includes veterans in Indian Science, such as Prof. Anil Kakodkar (The former Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission), Dr. G Madhavan Nair (Former Chairman, ISRO), Padmabhushan Dr.Vijay P Bhatkar (President of VIBHA, the founder of PARAM series of Super Computers & the star pioneer in shaping India's IT industry) and other renowned scientists and technocrats in India.

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