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  • August, 2019- Issue- 26 - Princess Diya Kumari and Maharaja Padmanabh Singh
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Dear Readers,
Celebrating the 600th issue of our magazine with you, we thank you - our readers, advertisers, and collaborators, who have made this possible, together with our dedicated team. To celebrate this milestone, we have a special woman and a role model for women on our cover. Princess Diya Kumari, daughter of the last Maharaja of Jaipur, Sawai Bhawani Singh and Padmini Devi, shares the joy of her recent success and her vision for her family and her constituency in our Cover Story.
Are you a fan of the finer things in life? Well, prepare to be impressed. From extraordinary watches and precious jewellery to iconic fashion pieces, these items are the epitome of luxury! The price tags may feature numbers in the millions, but you can check the most expensive treasures in our Feature Story.
Flying first class is one of the most amazing travel experiences you can have. And why not? There is excellent ground service – with dedicated lounges and limo transfers – as well as on-board chefs who make gourmet dishes. So like each year, this year too we give a round-up of our favourite aircraft cabins in the world, picked based on the quality of service, safety, aircraft configuration, and design and innovation. Check out our Special Feature.
Stopover at In the Spotlight where we chat with Shalini Passi – an art collector, artist, and philanthropist – who gives us a glimpse into her work and her newly launched foundation.
While horse-drawn carriages were once the mode of transportation in the royal world, over the years many sleek, hot, and expensive rides became the norm. So it is completely understandable why royal families spend hundreds of thousands, and even millions on such cars. Check our Hot Wheels, as we look at some of the most expensive cars in the world that royal families, past and present, travel in.
They’re royal, but they’re not superhuman. Queens like Cleopatra and other members of royal families have relied on their beauty and wits to look like total perfection every time they made an appearance. Take a look at Mind & Body where we’ve rounded up some true-and-tested techniques used by a few royals all over the world.
Like everyone, the members of the royal family need a little relaxation just as much. And yes, while their getaways are still a lot more luxurious than those of the rest of us, they often head to places we could go to. From enjoying the wildlife and environment in Botswana to the serene nature of Mustique, look at our Grand Getaways section which lists out some of the most stunning and wanderlust-inducing holiday spots chosen by royal families. In Sensational Spaces, we have the breath-taking Chowmahalla Palace – a must-see for all those who appreciate grandeur, opulence, and charm.
And for an exclusive look at Kritika and Venkat’s wedding ceremony, head to our Wedding Moments section.
And tell us what you think. If you have any suggestions, comments or queries, please e-mail me at
Best Wishes,