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  • May 2019 Issue 13 - Varun Dhawan
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Celebrities are really no different to you and I. While many actors may have access to more help than the average mother, celebrity mums have more in common with you than meets the eye. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we honour some of our favourite celebrity Mom’s on motherhood, their career, and the ones who are proud to let their sexy side show even after having kids. Read our Feature Story to know who has made it to the list of the hottest moms in B-Town!
If talent had a face, it would be Varun Dhawan. After two power-packed performances last year and with a number of plum assignments to his name, the actor is hot on the heels of success. Varun sizzles the cover with his recently launched campaign for Skybags and talks about his latest venture, Kalank and his 100% track record in the Cover Story.
In People in Focus, we clue you into the work of Swanzal Kak Kapoor, the design principal and co-founder of Saka studio in Gurgaon. The interior designer’s work celebrates cultural specificity, craft, embodied emotions, ecological consciousness, and collaborative synergy. We also have a singer, songwriter, and composer, Aaryan Tiwari, whose popular tracks like ‘Pyar Ho Gaya’, ‘Be With You’, and ‘Juda’ has struck a chord with music aficionados.
Jessica Jayne, an economics graduate from St Xavier’s College in Mumbai, is the brain behind Pahadi Local, an initiative that advocates luxury in simplicity. Turn to In the Spotlight where the wellpreneur explains how it takes a wellness approach to beauty, empowering consumers with quality, and bring luxury and pureness of tradition to your doorstep.
Everybody wants to look young and beautiful, but the real question remains how young is too young to start an anti-ageing regimen? Positive outlook, managing stress levels, regular workouts, and maintaining a healthy diet will keep us fit, while unhealthy lifestyles are the factors that can have negative effects on our skin. This month in Mind & Body we share a list of super foods that are
jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and other essentials that will help your skin glow.
Last but not the least, in Grand Getaways we have actress Nanda Yadav’s trip to Europe where she paired work with pleasure. She takes us to the historic Charles Bridge in Prague and the streets of Paris to revel in the towns, the food, and the culture.
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