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  • April 22, 2019- Issue- 12 - G. Ravinder Reddy with PARVATHI REDDY
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Dear Readers,
It’s sometimes difficult to describe exactly what art is. Defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, many notable artists have described it as the creation of truth or expression of thought. With three major forms of expression: painting, sculpture, and architecture, art in the 17th century could mean any skill that was mastered. While Baroque held sway in Italy, Spain, and northern Europe, Classicism was most prevalent in France and England. In this week’s Feature Story, we look back at some of the world’s most significant works of art! We also discuss Indian art that reflects a wide mix of culture, tradition, and religion in Hyderabad.
On the cover this week, we have the famous contemporary artist
G. Ravinder Reddy along with well-known art connoisseur
Parvathi Reddy. In the Cover Story, the prolific modeller gives us his take on art and his relationship with his work. Parvathi tells us about how she became a collector inadvertently, picking up her first painting from a small artist in Bengaluru.
In our People page, we have Lakshmi Nambiar who takes us through her journey in art, telling us how she inherited Shrishti Art Gallery and curating shows in the Indian contemporary space. Despite being a mother of a beautiful daughter, she manages her work and personal life perfectly.
Turn to Who’s In Town where we have Hungarian artist Ildikó Morovszki-Halász talk to us about her interest in art and inspiration behind her ongoing show in the city, In the Wake of Amrita Sher-Gil.
In Mind & Body, you can read about painting and how it is an excellent way to relax your mind. Contemporary Cuban art is an exquisite convergence of ideas, aesthetic principles, internal struggles, and available materials, resulting in unique forms of expression.  Do check our Grand Getaways where we show why Havana is the hottest travel destination for art lovers.
And tell us what you think. If you have any suggestions, comments or queries, please e-mail me at

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