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  • July 13, 2020; Iss.23 - Education in the Times of Corona - Home-schooled!
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Dear Readers,
As the COVID-19 continues to impact the health of citizens, universities and schools have shifted to virtual learning in an effort to slow the spread of the disease. However, this has raised a host of questions: Is remote education possible? How can educators make it a meaningful experience in a short time? And what roles are teachers and administrators playing? To answer these questions and more, we speak to a few school principals and directors in the city on how they’re imparting knowledge online.
Our Cover this week features four young students – Viren Reddy, Stuti Joshi, Shivank Talwar, and Veer Ammanabolu. And to know more about these little balls of energy and how they are engaging and managing their time effectively, turn to our Cover Story.
Also don’t miss out on our Special Feature where we speak to a few parents who help us understand the current educational situation better and share their ideas to live in the new normal. Moving on, in People in Focus, we have B. Jivitesh Reddy, Director of Niraj Educational Society and the Principal of Niraj Public School, discussing with us about implementing online learning and maintaining teacher working conditions.
Children need the experience of feeling emotions and practise tolerating them to develop self-control and emotional intelligence. Our Mind & Body carries an interesting story about the ways to build and strengthen children’s emotional intelligence. Flip through our Grand Getaways where we tell why you should visit Russia, a country steeped in history everywhere a visitor goes, from great classical music, literature and vicious battles to magnificent art.
And tell us what you think. If you have any suggestions, comments or queries, please e-mail me at

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