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  • July 27, 2020; Iss.25 - Allu Sirish’s Lockdown Life
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Dear Readers,
Confident and ambitious in his choice of roles, Allu Sirish is a star who touches the hearts of the people. On this week’s Cover, we have the actor giving us a glimpse into a new skill he is learning. In the Cover Story, he talks to us about his new movies, lockdown life, and the world going digital.
While the current ways of life are limited, we are all trying to make the most out of our socially distanced situations. We hence tracked down a slew of online courses, training, and workshops for you. Flip through our Feature Story to finally master that dream skill you never had time for before, with one of these virtual learning sites.
Working remotely also means adjusting to a new way of life. Start work at 10 in the morning? Set your alarm for 9:59 am. Wear pyjamas for your important Zoom meetings. Cook a hot meal for lunch. The list is never-ending. Work from home has many benefits, but it takes dedication and smart strategies to ensure you are successful. Read our Special Feature to know how some workers in the city are coping with the self-isolation, and a few tips for lockdown productivity.
Moving on, in People in Focus, we interview young and dynamic RJ Shezzi. One of the best radio jockeys in the twin cities, we speak to her on a number of topics including her path to becoming a presenter, her creativity as an interviewer, women’s safety in public space, and more.
If you want to make sure your business keeps thriving in this new work-from-home era, turn to our Mind & Body, where we give you the key areas to focus on. Take a look at the stunning photos of Iran in Grand Getaways. Combining glorious architecture, scrumptious food, and unique culture – it’s definitely worth seeing for yourself.
And tell us what you think. If you have any suggestions, comments or queries, please e-mail me at

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