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  • March 25, 2019- Issue-8 - Punarnavi Bhupalam and Rasvin Sawhney
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There’s something very special about sweet treats that brings people together, whether it's just a snack or the coup-de-grace at the end of a delicious meal. They say there’s no better way to tease one’s senses but with a carefully curated dessert. While they can be amazing no matter where and when you have them, desserts differ from country to country. Some are rich and heavy; some are light and fruity. From Palestine’s Kanafeh Nabulsieh to Russia’s Medovik, check out this week’s Feature Story on what people eat to satisfy their sweet tooth in several different countries.

We’ve also put together a visual treat made up of culinary ones. On the cover, we have actress Punarnavi Bhupalam and a home-based baker, Rasvin Sawhney. While Punarnavi spills the beans about what she eats to stay in shape, Rasvin shares tips on confections for those baking fanatics out there. To find out more about why they love food, turn to our Cover Story.

The culinary team at Churrolto led by Neehar Bisabathini is synonymous with the city’s culinary renaissance.  We caught up with the dashing owner on when he baked, and how his experience seeps its way into every dish he crafts. Read our People Page to find out more.

Frozen meals have a bad rap for being littered with artificial preservatives and being high in sodium, but many of today’s freezer-friendly dishes are far from the processed TV dinners of our childhood. In Mind & Body, we discuss how to pick the healthiest office-friendly frozen meals for you, so you can literally grab it out of the freezer in the morning and go.

In Grand Getaways this week we join Sahithi Reddy on her rather eclectic trip to Montenegro, a tiny country in Europe.

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