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  • May 11, 2020; Iss.14 - Jeevitha, Shivani and Shivathmika Rajashekar
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Dear Readers,
Whatever anyone may say or feel, there is nothing that can equal the love a mother has for a child. You can often find remarkable teachers or make new friends, but there’s only one mother. They become the rock on which we stand, the fortress that protects our family, and the strength we thought we did not have. We never outgrow our mothers. So, whether you call her mom, mommy, mother, or amma, we hope that you have something special planned this Mother’s Day.
In this issue, our Feature story is a series of special conversations with some of Hyderabad’s mothers. We talk about all the things that make their relationships with their kids so special: the bonds they share, the memories they have, and the wonderful moments that make it worthwhile. Be sure to check out these lovely, touching stories.
On the cover this week, we have Jeevitha, Shivani, and Shivathmika Rajashekar. In the Cover Story, the trio of mother and daughters talk about the bond they share, how they influence each other, and how will they celebrate this year’s Mother’s Day. Don’t miss out on our Special Feature wherein young mothers in the city tell us how they are trying to cope with this global pandemic and surviving the lockdown with their children.
From fitness instructor to a nutritionist, Abhimanika (XYZ) has had quite the exciting career graph. Find out why she has a close connection with dance, the joy she finds in making this world a healthier place, and the pleasure she finds in motherhood in People Page.Motherhood is a demanding responsibility, and some will say that pregnancy is as challenging, if not more so. But what are the best foods to eat when expecting? Should you remain active or rest as much as you can? Many of the answers you need are in Mind & Body.
If you’re a planning a getaway after the lockdown is lifted, do consider visiting Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve, where catching a glimpse of a tiger lazing openly in the shade or at the edge of a water body will surely make it worthwhile! Read our Grand Getaways to know more.
And tell us what you think. If you have any suggestions, comments or queries, please e-mail me at

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