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  • October 12, 2020; Iss.36 - IMenswear Beyond Trends with Farhad Shahnawaz
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Right now, though menswear may be considered to be in a state of flux, it’s personal, transgressive and that’s what makes it more fun than it’s ever been before. But in menswear’s this more-is-more moment makes it surprisingly tough to identify trends. To help, we’ve broken down the looks that appeared across multiple digital runways, social media feeds, and those we imagine that can be added to wardrobes. From streetwear to tailoring and everything in between, our Feature Story has got you covered.
Crushing our Cover this week is Farhad Shahnawaz. The model turned actor certainly looks the part in his shot, modelling a crisp white shirt which he wore inside a navy blue awning stripe suit. The actor sure knows how to put together timeless basics and great style.
A man’s wardrobe speaks a lot about his personality and personal style. In  Special Feature, we speak to nine stylish men who have lined up to talk about what’s in their closet and prove to us that men can have just as much fun with fashion as women.
In People in Focus, we clue you into the work of Abhishek Yerra, who runs his family business and a line of multipurpose tools. The successful entrepreneur talks to us about his endeavours and interests.
The 40s are filled with vitality and stress in equal amounts – Health can either be at its best or the start of many lifestyle diseases. Mid-life health issues if addressed early, can lead to very healthy 50s, 60s and 70s. Read our Mind & Body, where we explain the precautions that should be taken, what food to have and what to avoid for men in their 40’s. Also, head over to Grand Getaways for an exciting trip to the Valley of Flowers in the Himalayas!
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