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  • October 26, 2020; Iss.38 - Travel Special with Kavya Bali
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We are indeed living in worrisome times. Across the country, the infection rates are seeing a slower pace of spread. India is starting to reopen, but with thousands mourning unfathomable loss and many are still reluctant to travel. In that context, the very idea of being bored, let alone debating which of the millions of movies or TV shows currently streaming, may come off as naively trivial, a luxury that we might all look back on with disbelief. However, according to the latest reports, there has been an unprecedented rise in TV content consumption since the lockdown. In this week’s Feature Story, we take a look at the future of viewing entertainment, the third world war between the online streaming platforms and our list of the best of the best series to check out.
This week on the cover, we feature Kavya Bali who makes heads turn wherever she goes. Apart from her drop-dead gorgeous looks, she runs a company called The House of Athena, is a poet, started a new page for vegan recipes and is a travel enthusiast.
With fewer flights taking off every day, mandatory quarantining upon reaching your destination, and a general fear over contracting the virus through air travel, getting on a plane is out of the question for many. That doesn’t mean that vacations are entirely on hold. Flip through our Special Feature as we share the travel stories of six Hyderabadis and tell why the great road trip is a popular vacation option during the pandemic.
Moving on, in People in Focus, we interview young and dynamic Dr Pragnya Chigurupati Narra. The young oncologist talks to us about treatment options and how to control the rapidly growing disease.
Want to escape from the mundane reality of your locked down lives? Or perhaps you’re already planning your winter vacation. Take a tip from us as we have narrowed down lesser-visited spots – best enjoyed out of season. Take a look at the stunning photos in Grand Getaways. Lung health during the pandemic can be majorly affected as the virus harms the respiratory system and people with pre-existing lung ailments are at much higher risk for catching the infection because there are underlying causes to it. In this week’s Mind & Body, we share some tips to protect your lungs!
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