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  • October 7, 2019- Issue- 37 -
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Pavan Kumar

Wed, 2 Oct, 17:17 (10 days ago)
to humablatif, Huma, bcc: Akhila

Is organic food healthier than conventional foods? While the answer
to that question has been a much-debated issue amongst nutritionists
and food connoisseurs alike, this week, we’ve explored this in-demand
subject in our Feature Story and Vox Pox. Considering that the most
disputed con to organic food is that there’s apparently no proof of its
benefits on the nutritional front, this article will give you answers on the
growing conundrum, taking you through various benefits and theories
on foods that are grown organically.
On the cover, we have Greeshma Turakhia, an Interior Designer who
is versatile and charming, and was just the right choice for our fun
food cover. Also a passionate model, she manages two different
careers at once and somehow gives her best to both worlds. Check out
our Cover Story to know more about her.
For a well-rounded lifestyle, you need to ensure your physical and
mental health. Eating right is a big part of it! While a deficiency in
a certain nutrient can cause psychological disorders, eating right will
not just help battle these disorders, but can improve mental health
and overall well-being. Mind & Body will give you a list of food items
that can enrich both.
In People, we have Shankar Krishnamurthy, who has over 30 years’
experience as a chef and an entrepreneur. He launched Fusion9, and
Over the years has set afloat 15 other restaurants of different cuisines
in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi.
Three Spanish friends with a passion for travel– Irene, Ana,
and Carmen – decided to tour India for a month during their
vacation. While they visited some very interesting places there, they
give us a fresh outlook on our own country in our Grand Getaways.
And tell us what you think. If you have any suggestions, comments or
queries, please e-mail me at

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