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  • You & I Weekly, April 20, 2020; Iss.11 - Prince Cecil
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Whatever your exercise routine or diet is, being healthy is an important responsibility. It is an art that involves balancing various elements of our lives and one of the greatest indicator of people’s mental, spiritual, physical well-being, and happiness. However, the more high tech and wealthy we have become the more complicated are the health problems we face. Though medical science has grown in leaps and bounds with several successful remedial and preventive medicines, we are faced with new viruses and unheard-of illnesses. One of them is Coronavirus.

Although, a new disease, experts are learning more about it every day. Scientists are racing to develop a vaccine and to come up with a functional cure. The future may look a bit scary, but the good news is that just a few months into what’s become a global pandemic, experts have learned a lot about the virus. This week’s Feature Story is about the possible complications and treatments of COVID-19 for different groups of people; how to shop for essentials during the pandemic; and how to tackle kids’ summertime boredom.

On the cover, we have the tall, dark, and handsome actor Prince Cecil, who has been part of the South Indian film industry for eight years now. He’s health-conscious to a fault – one look at his body and that’s clear! We look at his story, his work, and the secrets behind his chiselled body

With gyms shut, bars and restaurants closed, and all fitness events postponed, Hyderabad still found a way to take care of their health and fitness, because that’s what is the most important right now – building up immunity, and taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Our Special Feature ties in with our feature story. In this issue, we chat with people around town who have taken charge of their health and fitness and are on the road to bettering themselves!
In our People in Focus, we speak with yogini Disha Singh, who gives us a glimpse into her work and her education initiatives and more. Grand Getaways follows travel blogger Shivani Singh to the four Nordic countries of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland, and Mind & Body gives you tips to stay mentally healthy in troubling times.

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