HipChip Now Lets You Chip In Online For Group Gifts
HipChip Now Lets You Chip In Online For Group Gifts

HipChip Now Lets You Chip In Online For Group Gifts

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Our goal is simple: Make group gifting easy and awesome.

HipChip is now changing the way that people collect for group gifts! Instead of asking everyone to pool together their cash for an upcoming birthday, or gifts for a child’s teacher or coach, friends, family, and co-workers can now contribute online using HipChip.


How It Works


You set up a HipChip gift and we take care of the rest. We make it easy for others to contribute to the gift and we keep all contribution amounts private so only the gift organizer knows. We even send polite reminders. Then easily give gift cards for major retailers to happy recipients. HipChip saves time, money and stress.


No More Cash Pools


One of the most significant benefits of HipChip is the elimination of cash pools; anyone who has attempted to get people to chip in for a group gift using cash knows that it can be a very frustrating exercise. With HipChip, there is no more awkward asking for money or reminding stragglers. No more IOUs or spending time tracking the contributions. HipChip eliminates all of that frustration so all you have to worry about is what to do with all the time you saved using HipChip.


About HipChip


HipChip's goal is to make group gifting easy and awesome. It's an awesome time and money saving tool. Any questions, concerns and comments can be directed to HipChip through the contact information on their website, hipchip.com.


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