Nationalwheels India News
Nationalwheels India News

Nationalwheels India News

  • इ-न्यूज़पेपर 15 सितम्बर से 30 सितम्बर
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इ-न्यूज़पेपर 15 सितम्बर से 30 सितम्बर

The news keeps the wheels of a nation turning, and Nationalwheels India News
(NIN) that was incorporated under the Companies Act 1867 on December 2017
surely meets this definition. In an era where the sources of news are not only
confined to land, but has expanded to water, space and the virtual world, numerous
newsworthy things are happening each second and Nationalwheels strives to ensure
that these make their way to the public by focusing majorly on national, international
news and current affairs and also publishing Hindi e-newspaper under the name
Nationalwheels. The website operates in both Hindi and English languages, catering
to the needs of the Indian audience. Journalism today has changed faces, with the
internet now playing a massive role in effecting it. With continuous efforts and
undying enthusiasm, Nationalwheels tries to meet and raise the standards of
journalism with innovative presentation and uncompromising integrity.