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publishing books in hindi, english and maithili language Anuradha Prakashan, the publishing house of long standing of a decade has been engaged in the area of publication of books/magazine/newspaper beside taking on the jobs from various organizations for miscellaneous publication for their organizations’ usage. Anuradha Prakashan has the privilege of distinguished patronage of eminent author / poet / educationist / behavioral scientist Professor Group Captain O. P. Sharma from the commencement of its publication. Today Anuradha Prakashan is sought for by a large number of authors / poets of eminence. Very large number of literary people are associated with anuradha prakashan and at Social Media. The two star publications of Anuradha Prakashan are : (i) Monthly Magazine focused on Behavioral Spirituality ‘Vyavharik Adhyatma’ (ii) Fortnightly National Newspaper - ‘UTKARSH MAIL’. It is a running newspaper since 10 year in which from time to time they keep adding very good and interesting composition, news and expressions of their own and respective poets, creators and youth. Through this, the emerging poets and creators had got a platform to come and connect with masses in terms of news portal social media & print media promotion available
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