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Welcome to the mad, mad world of Meta Desi Comics! We are not your mom and dad's comic publishers! We are the guys who decided to do things a little differently! SO, a bunch of uber-talented comic creators from (literally!) across the whole of India and beyond, have come together under this imprint to create new and unique Indian Original comic books. No restrictions, no censorship, no limits! Whatever our highly creative and opportunity craving team of creators wants to work on the most have been given life and a chance to shine under out flagship anthology series : Ground Zero! Like the title says, we are at the centre of a creative nuclear explosion and it's all for our fellow comic fans as we aim to create the kind of comics we would love to read and that we feel you would love just as much! Something for everyone is our motto! Some of our tales will be short, sweet and done-in-one, others will be multi-part stories that carry on over several volumes in the true spirit of anthologies like the legendary 2000AD (home of Judge Dredd) and HEAVY METAL. You've got some all kinds of awesome artwork from our crew already on this page and we'll be constantly sharing more details on the various stories you'll get to enjoy and the talented creators behind them. We aim to bring you the maximum comic-awesomeness for your bucks so stick around folks!
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