Rudra Matsa Entertainment

Original content producer. Comics publisher. Rudra Matsa Entertainment Private Limited, is a leading original content production house already in the process of producing 5 feature length movies.RME has strategic production partnerships with Disney and Turner Broadcasting System. Company has produced Animation Title- Pandavas 5, currently airing on Disney Networks- Disney XD and Hungama TV.Using the latest technologies, highest level of expertise backed by an outstanding team of advisory members, RME Studios is creating quite a buzz in the animation circuit. The fully loaded studio is the final destination for turning animation dreams in to well produced, directed and released realities. With an ambitious team heading RME, it is one of the few studios to be backed up by a strong production team and be aided by an education arm in the rigorous areas of VFX, 2D and 3D. RME Studios thrives on a vanguard of professionals that are driven by creativity yet at the same time have the business acumen to gain a strong foothold in the animation and media industry. Adhering to current market influences, the studio creates content that moves by the current trend and caters to a larger audience.
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