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Verve, India’s premier women’s international magazine, was launched in 1995. Published and edited by Anuradha Mahindra, Verve reflects the spirit of today’s woman -- changing with the times, moving with trends, styles, fashion and yet remaining constant in its search for perfection editorially as well as in design. Exhibiting some of the best international and Indian writing talent, Verve chooses to cover achievers in every field from fashion, business and style to Bollywood, books and travel. Editorially stimulating and visually exciting, the monthly devotes several pages, every issue, to fashion and personal style. Verve can be easily credited for having pioneered a revolution in the depiction of contemporary Indian fashion, through stylised shoots that are international in approach and individual in execution. Modern in approach and dynamic in styling, Verve’s covers are a talking point as much as the magazine’s inside pages. Quality and aesthetics are the cornerstones of the magazine. The emphasis on paper, printing and processing is apparent at a glance. Original photography, sophisticated layouts, stylised graphics balance the deep editorial thought and unique take that Verve has on everything it covers, making it an icon of fashion and style.
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