V&S Publishers

V&S Publishers is one of the leading publishers of general trade books in the mass-appeal genre in India. It began full-fledged publishing operations from its own premises situated in Daryaganj, New Delhi in the year 2010. The management of this family-owned partnership firm lay in the hands of Vinod Kumar Gupta and his two sons. Looking back genealogically, his forefather ventured into publishing books principally on Indian culture and values in 1930s and it continues uninterrupted since then. During that pre-independence era, publishing by Indians was not only looked with suspicion by the British government but downright discouraged; and imported books were few and expensive. The publishing owed its origin to a few noble minded members of the educated Gupta family who took up the challenge to publish books for the Indian population. The effort has been watered ever since despite undergoing hiccups during World War II and India’s independence movement. The division took place in 2010 in an amicable manner and each partner going his own specialized way. It has expanded many times since then and today there are nearly 500 titles under its stable. Currently, the firm is run by Vinod Kumar Gupta ably supported by his sons Sahil Gupta and Vipul Gupta. The ergonomically designed head office is situated at F-2/16, Ansari Road, Daryaganj in Delhi with branches at Hyderabad and Mumbai. To sell books is only the beginning of our mission, to build an avid audience of readers who are enriched by these works –that is our ultimate purpose.
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