Shrimad Bhagwat Gita  (Persian Translation)
Shrimad Bhagwat Gita  (Persian Translation)

Shrimad Bhagwat Gita (Persian Translation)

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About the book  Shrimad Bhagavat Gita- Persian Translation


This book (thesis) written by Dr. Hira Lall Chopra is a translation of the Bhagavat Gita in Persian, submitted to Tehran University, Iran, where he was awarded the D.Litt. degree. Dr. Chopra dazzled the field of Persian Studies in the second half of the 19th century.


This thesis was prepared in 9 months and was a great achievement by Dr. Hira Lall Chopra. After comparing these verses with many ones of the Bhagavat Gita (Persian), Dr. Chopra prepared a correct and critical edition with explanations, annotations and discussions of philosophical ideas incurred in the book. The editor has made the text effective by using the idioms and styles of the translated language.


What influenced Dr. Chopra to bring out this critical edition was that the Bhagavat Gita’s verses always consoled him and gave him peace of mind. This book will also give peace of mind to other readers in Persian.


This book is unique in the first place as the original book is in Sanskrit and was translated into Persian verses(in Masnavi form). Secondly the book is unique  as the book has a long introduction with a critical  estimate.


This book is an Epic and likely to be useful to Persian Academicians, Research Scholars and students of Persian, as the interest is growing in Hindu Philosophy and Religious Thought.