Causes and Cure of Blood Pressure
Causes and Cure of Blood Pressure Preview

Causes and Cure of Blood Pressure

  • Thu Apr 14, 2016
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Blood pressure and the heart related ailments, have been significantly on the rise chiefly due to the complexities of the mordern life. Now the tendency, in general, is to squeeze a lot of activities within a short span of time and all expect favourable results, forgetting totally that man is not God and he has only control over his action and not on the results achieved. This condition exposes them to those situations for which their body-organs, particularly the heart is not designed. Hence they suffer all kinds of ailments related to blood circulation and heart. It is to guard the people against these rampant situations that this book has been written. Our attempt has been not only guiding the people against indulging in such conditions but also telling, in detail, the consequences of their not heeding to our advice.