David Copperfield
David Copperfield Preview

David Copperfield

  • Wed Sep 01, 2021
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'David copperfield' is a novel by Charles Dickens (7th Feb 1812- 9th June 1870). He was an English writer and Social critic. His novels and short stories are widly read today. He wrote 15 novels, hundreds of short stories and non-fiction articles. It consists of the life story of David Copperfield from chilhood to Adulthood. It narrates how kindness, sympathy and generosity are most desirable elements in human's life Also. powerful person always abuses the weak and helpless. The author has focussed on orphans, women and mentally disabled persons. Actually ,all the events are of Dicken's. the main theme of the story is about understanding people. We can belive on them. Love is also an important factor. One can learn a lot from this book Viz How one can become strong desprite lots of painful experiences of life. The novel is typically the Victorian novelistic style. It also illustrates Dicken's handling of characterization. David Copperfield is deeply attached to his mother, who widowed 6 months before his birth. His early chilhood got disturbed a lot. In this way story proceeds. Lucid one and easy to understand story.