Inspiration for the World

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Inspiration for the World

  • Indian Culture, Civilization and Traditions
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  • Diamond Books
  • Language - English
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Many cultures have been developed in the world and over the time they also have been perished. Indian culture is the most ancient culture of the world. It is focused on the spirit of spirituality and in fact, it is based merely on spirituality rather than cosmicism, materialism and occultism, whose primary goal is to make spiritual advancement of the whole world by establishing human values such as peace, tolerance, unity, truth, non-violence and morality. With the purpose of working for everyone's happiness in the interest of everyone, it is inherent in the sense of accepting the whole world as its own family This is the reason that Indian culture still remains intact in its original form for thousands of years on the basis of its cultural and life-values. Apart from arbitrariness and selfishness, it has the power to live an ideal life based on qualities like justice, generosity, devotion and sacrifice and it also has power to bind the world humanity into one formula. In true sense, Indian culture is the key to making life worthwhile. The beliefs and traditions of Indian culture are established on some scientific basis, which are seen even in today's computer era as rational on the basis of scientific perspectives and are confirmed on their scientific values. There are countless features of this kind. It is the ocean of such pearls which are not possible to collect all and put them in the book. Yet some very important aspects are very nicely compiled in this book.

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