Management Guru Shri Ganesha

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Management Guru Shri Ganesha

  • Fri Jul 31, 2015
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  • Diamond Books
  • Language - English
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Lord Ganesha is worshipped first among all the deities. He is a distinguished leader. His razor sharp memory and witty nature reveals the secret of success and ignites our mind with problem solving acumen to excel in our professional and family life. His ability of solving problems and removing all obstacles makes Him a special deity. Leadership traits, problem solving skills, focused attention, empathy and sympathy, negotiation skills, resourceful innovation, distributive justice, discerning power and cooperative attitude are the basic requirements to become the best leader and manager in the present scenario. At present, various management gurus teach and conduct various workshops to nurture these qualities in the managers and leaders. But the result is not achieved as per expectation. There are some basic differences in the style of different approaches by so called management gurus. This book is entirely different from other books on Ganesha. It derives the message of the best leader and manager of the ancient world in a very practical and witty way. It will be very helpful in learning more about life management lessons besides nurturing the managerial skills and leadership traits. B.K. Chandra Shekhar is a Rajyogi, faculty member of Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation, New Delhi, Alumnus of Punjab University, Chandigarh, International Mind & Memory Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Neurobic Expert, Inventor of SIGFA Solutions and Neurobic Gym Concept and Founder Director of Invisible Doctors Solutions Pvt Ltd, Faridabad. He is a spiritual healer and member of Healing International, South Wales, United Kingdom. He is the author of eight books on mind, memory and healing power of soul. He has conducted more than three thousand workshops and seminars on Mind-Body-Spirit fitness in India and abroad. His life is a living example of surviving from life threatening diseases of Cancer and Hepatitis-C by activating his inner (invisible) doctor.

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