Mutual Funds
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Mutual Funds

  • Ladder to Wealth Creation
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Financial freedom is the ultimate aim for everyone during his life. But it can't be achieved just by earning more & more money. It's a process of strategic investment planning through earning stage of life. Everyone can become rich in later stage of the life by planning his early phase. One penny saved today may earn one penny at regular intervals during long term. The formula of calculating future value of money also takes into consideration the following factors: 1. Amount Invested 2. Rate of Return 3. Time Duration It says that more you invest, more you will get in return. Second, more returns means more money. And longer the time duration of investment, better returns you will get. We can't control returns, we can't invest big amounts but we can invest small amounts at regular intervals over a long period of time. If this amount is properly diversified in different asset classes, it can help you to achieve better returns with the security of the money invested. Mutual fund helps you to take exposure of different asset classes and get the best returns. Let's come to a journey towards freedom through this book.