My Life : Guru Amar Das
My Life : Guru Amar Das Preview

My Life : Guru Amar Das

  • Tue Jan 07, 2020
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  • Language - English
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India is the land of great saints. Masters, Gurus and Philosophers who had given this world a new vision about the immortal value and message of humanities. In India Guru is always considered on a higher position than the God. The immense boon show showered on you is because of Guru only. The period of Guru Nanak to Guru Gobind Singh was a period of oppression of Hindu culture. The Hindu society was getting engrossed in evil like the theory of incarnation, idol-worship, untouchability and so on.But the appearance of Sikh Gurus has given nector to the Indian society and the perversion of the society ended. For them all the people of the world were like a family. There is a strong emphasis on equality and service. This encourages a spirit of cooperation and an equal sharing of resources. Although, the great soul has departed for His heavenly abode, but He will remain in the mortal world with His teachings. The book presents His life sketch, views and teachings in an easy to understand language, for the well being of our society. A must read book for everyone.