Passage Through India

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Passage Through India

  • A Tryst With My Soul
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  • Diamond Books
  • Language - English
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While Dr Raghu Korrapati's 'Passage through India - A tryst with my soul' is an amalgam of Indian experiences of this widely travelled management guru, it is simultaneously also an exposition of his philosophical and spiritual ideas. So, as readers learn numerous lessons in sound management practice presented through Dr Raghu the leader's anecdotes and observations, he/she will be delighted to connect with Dr Raghu the man. Those familiar with Dr Raghu's previous works will be enthralled with another masterpiece on the art and science of management, this time in the context of the master's sojourn as the leader of an India IT organization. 'Passage through India' will, however, will also appeal to those who wish to understand the composer behind the composition, i.e, the mind of a man who successfully runs a large corporate organization. Once again, the student of management can marvel at how an organization can be turned around with the application of some sound management principles in the hands of a leader who is willing to improvise and take calculated risks at each step. All in all, the book lives upto the reputation that Dr Raghu brings to the table with the body of works behind him. In the process, it also reveals a rare skill of the author -- that of elevating the often mundane subject of management by weaving his own fascinating story into it. The result Is something that needs to be read to be believed!

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