Siya Seth Decides to Die

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Siya Seth Decides to Die

  • Mon Jul 27, 2015
  • Price : 100.00
  • Diamond Books
  • Language - English
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Siva Seth has committed suicide. It is then, after death that she decides to Tell-it-all.' A school girl at 17, she had been playing torture-torture to ants, unable to cope up with a traumatic secret from her past that explains her guiltless brashness. A victim of parental incest since the age of eight, she tries to do everything that has the propensity to give her some peace and anything to divert her attention. She dates a hunk, Randeep Sissodia (cabin crew at Kingfisher) much to the irritation of her best friend Reva Dayal. She bribes a policeman at Marine lines after bunking school. She bluffs her always-on-guard mummy. She visits Hasina Syed, a past life therapist, who claims to heal her soul for only Rs.999. But, all in all does it helps? Are her nervous giggle' dreams simply a manifestation of unhinged mentality, something that spurs off with the buzz of a 6p.m. alarm? Or are some things to sleazy to be discussed, when alive?

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