Sports Scare

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Sports Scare

  • Tue Jul 28, 2015
  • Price : 110.00
  • Diamond Books
  • Language - English
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International Trading was his profession and sports his passion. He wanted to make his passion his profession and become the Mahatma Gandhi of Sports.CWG-Delhi was like a girl he wanted more than he wanted anything in life. He deserted the corporate world by putting an end to an exciting 27 years stint in ITOCHU Corporation Japan which reared him to professional perfection. He moved into the murky waters of Indian Sports and became a classic guinea pig of a system gone rotten.15 long months he came, he saw but did not conquer. He was exposed to the corridors of power he had never seen before. He felt like a pawn on a massive chess board being moulded at the will of his masters with each one of them serving his own agenda. He suffered in stoic silence but vowed to himself that one day he would bare his innermost soul and put his tumultuous turmoil on paper. His saga is an attempt to tell his story to the masses with the optimism that it will touch their lives and also make them ponder over the question, What an opportunity it was and how it was squandered?

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