The Initiative

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The Initiative

  • Sat Aug 01, 2015
  • Price : 100.00
  • Diamond Books
  • Language - English
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The story revolves around George Oscar Deadwood also known as G.O.D who is the God's minister at the heavens. Due to the frequent increase in the misdeeds of people on the Earth, God chooses George to select the five most suitable inhabitants from the Earth who would help them in freeing the Earth from the evil powers. To every heaven-citizen's surprise, George selects a bunch of the biggest losers on the Earth who had always failed in every aspect of their lives. John, Jack, Bernard, Drake and Cirrus, the five selected losers, think that G.O.D had been wrong in choosing them because of their miserable past of failures; but George encourages them by the answer – ''You've always been thinking and analyzing the negative sides of your lives. You think that failures have ruined your lives, but let me tell you-failures are not the means of bad luck or doom- they are the first step to Success!'' Apart from the evil powers on the Earth, the Heavens have one more opponent- Caronus, the king of the Hell and the devils, who are planning to conquer the Heavens and establish evil rule all over the universe. To stop this, George comes up with an Initiative- a surprising one that had never been expected by any living organism of the world except G.O.D and the five losers. What will George Oscar Dreadwood and the five achieve from this Initiative? What is this Initiative? Read on.

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