The Opportunity

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The Opportunity

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Narendra Kohli (born January 6, 1940, Sialkot) is widely acclaimed as the most prominent Hindi language author of modern times. Leader of cultural renaissance in Hindi literature in modern times, he is credited with reinventing the ancient form of epic writing in modern prose. His contribution to Hindi literature is often compared to the legendary writer Premchand, though critics believe his impact to be more significant and long-lasting than the latter. Like his predecessor Premchand, Kohli is rated by publishers as the highest selling Hindi author of high literary standards. He is credited with synthesizing the essential elements of Indian philosophy and culture in his epic writings, which include his best known classic, Mahasamar. His epic writings effortlessly engross the reader in the story, and by the virtue of his art, this master story-teller elucidates the complicated concepts of Indian Philosophy like Law of Karma with such an ease and grace. The reader can imbibe the complete theory via situational examples, without even an inkling that he is being taught. His legendary works include all time greats like (Abhyudaya), Mahasamar and Todo, Kara Todo (epics); Vasudeva, Abhigyaan, Aatmdaan (novels); "Paanch Absurd Upanyaas", "Aashriton ka Vidroh" (satire), "Jahan hai dharm, Vahin hai jai,” "Hindi Upanyaas : Srijan evam Siddhant" (Literary Criticism), Smaraami (Essays and Memoirs); Kshamaa Karnaa Jiji, Saath sahaa gayaa dukh, Preeti Kathaa (Autobiographical novels). Kohli is the unprecedented master of exploring human relationships. His portrayal of highly complex characters cover a wide range - from a common householder (in Saath sahaa gayaa dukh) to mental wrecks (like Duryodhan in Mahasamar) to pinnacles of human evolution (like Rama, Krishna, Ramkrishn Paramhansa and Vivekananda). This satire can push and pinch, his emotional writings (like saath sahaa gayaa dukh) can easily make a reader cry; while his epical writings simply leave the reader awestruck and amazed. He portrays both the aspects of life : the existing and the idealistic, the prevalent and the preferable. His works also assert the timeless nature of Human mind and behaviour. It is only a matter of time when his writings, translated in many languages, can spread the timeless message of India throughout the world.

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