The Paradise Never Lost

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The Paradise Never Lost

  • Thu Jul 30, 2015
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  • Diamond Books
  • Language - English
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'The Paradise Never Lost' is a unique book of its kind to deal with the true nature of Enlightenment, Religion and Science . It describes the essential features of Vedanta, Sankya, Yoga, Jainism, Buddhism, Islam and Christianity and correlates them. This book correlates Religion and Science as well and establishes Religion as the Supreme Science by using Philosophical method for the first time. This one book is enough to answer all religious enquiries and is indispensable for every seeker. This book deserves to be called 'The Handbook of Religion' and is useful for those also who want to specialize in the field of 'Comparative Religion' being unprecedented in its scientific manner. This book is remarkable for its originality and authenticity both and includes only the indispensable. Pramod Bharati has been a disciple of Osho and he has been transcendental in the fields of Enlightenment and Mysticism. I lowever,he has been a member of Rajasthan Higher Education Service and is working at present as a college Principal. His legal name is Pramod Kumar Joshi. The Diamond Hooks has already published his three books in Hindi recently two on fiction and one on poetry.

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