When Rahul met Sunshine

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When Rahul met Sunshine

  • Sat Jun 13, 2020
  • Price : 100.00
  • Diamond Books
  • Language - English
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When Rahul met Sunshine by accident, little did he know that he was meeting his destiny! Regrettably, Sunshine’s two brothers, Willy and Harry, and Father Senior Demon defied him. Moreover, her natural father, Jagat Walia, had left deep scars on them; and their mother's death was still fresh in their mind. Hence, they perceived all Indians as cunning and cheats. Rahul was not a person who would give in to adversity. Rahul resolved that he would do anything to fill up the social gap in their economic standings and nationalities to win his love interest. Alternatively, an equally determined Senior Demon appointed his two sons; and her fiancé, Brad, an English nobleman's son, to teach Rahul a good lesson so that he would forget Sunshine forever. Would Rahul be able to fight against them and come up to the tall order that they had set for Sunshine's groom? Is it that easy?

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